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Our Philosophy

Always Hope In Malibu in Malibu is a safe, sober and spiritually healing environment for those in early recovery to learn and practice how to live a fulfilling and rich life as a sober individual. We emphasize all aspects of the healing process – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Always Hope Amenities

•Luxurious Malibu home

•A 6000 square foot house located walking distance to one of the most famous beaches in Malibu

•5 bedroom, 5 bath house on an acre of land offering privacy and a peaceful setting while living in a community atmosphere.

•Recovery programs, developing client-specific tools with which to re-enter a life of work or school.

•A safe environment where clients can continue their journey of self-discovery and healing

•Experienced staff to help advice and guide you in your recovery.

..Much Much More



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Today more than ever clients are looking for a drug rehab program that will give them the skills they need to stay sober.  While many luxury rehab treatment programs offer 30 days of intensive therapy, they often do not provide you with the skills clients need in order to obtain long term recovery.  Malibu sober living and transitional living is often  the key element in allowing clients to gain the tools they need to stay sober.  Follow up care is imperative after completing rehab as so many clients enter drug rehab not just with an alcohol or drug problem but often with other issues including: depression, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, along with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.  For clients to truly be successful in their recovery from drug or alcohol abuse they need a strong support team around them after they leave rehab in order to address all the underlying issues that brought them to drug rehab to begin with.