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Our Philosophy

Always Hope In Malibu in Malibu is a safe, sober and spiritually healing environment for those in early recovery to learn and practice how to live a fulfilling and rich life as a sober individual. We emphasize all aspects of the healing process – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Always Hope Amenities

•Luxurious Malibu home

•A 6000 square foot house located walking distance to one of the most famous beaches in Malibu

•5 bedroom, 5 bath house on an acre of land offering privacy and a peaceful setting while living in a community atmosphere.

•Recovery programs, developing client-specific tools with which to re-enter a life of work or school.

•A safe environment where clients can continue their journey of self-discovery and healing

•Experienced staff to help advice and guide you in your recovery.

..Much Much More



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I came to Always Hope broken, lost, emotionally as well as physically damaged and angry at myself and the world. I felt alone and I thought I would be OK and no one would ever understand me. Ironically as I sit here today a month and a half later, I can say for the first time in a long time that I feel empowered, I feel like I have come back to myself, and I see the progress that I have made and I owe it all to my amazing family here at Always Hope. This truly has become my family; my support system. The word hope describes this place perfectly, it has given me hope in myself, my life, and my future. 


My experience at Always Hope has been amazing . I have learned many things . The people here are great . They are all my new family. Everyone here including staff have only the best intentions for me . I really enjoy being at this home because I have learned to take care of myself and be accountable for my actions, and how to open up and talk about my feelings . Even though its hard for me , Always Hope holds me accountable and shows me how to live a happy and productive new way of life.


How do I begin to express the heart-felt gratitude I have for Always Hope in Malibu?  Thanks to Always Hope, I have my beautiful daughter, Rachel, back from a near fatal battle with drug addiction.  After years of struggling between hospitals, rehabs, and jail, Rachel now has a chance at living her life.  The structured lifestyle at Always Hope, the caring staff have given Rachel that chance.  For the first time in years, she has hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  The encouragement, respect, and love she receives at Always Hope gives her a reason to get up every morning.  She has a purpose for living and pride in herself once again.  She is a happy, healthy, and enthusiastic young woman who has plans for her future . . . a future that may not have happened if it weren't for this amazing program.

To all the staff, thank you once again for believing in Rachel, and making me believe that there is Always Hope.

Most Sincerely
Carol A.

My life was coming to an end.  I burned every resource I had left.  I lost the passion in my life.  I didn't care if I lived or died.  I felt utterly hopeless.  I hit rock bottom.  I had no hope then I found a life line, an oasis that saved my life.  This Oasis was called Always Hope in Malibu.  Here I learned how to life life on life's terms.  They taught me how to build self esteem.  The staff here pushed me to my full potential.  I owe my life to Always Hope. 

H.R. K.

Just a short time ago, I was hopeless and homeless on the streets of New York City.  My life was in complete shambles.  Heroin had stolen my mind, soul, and spirit.  Then I came all the way to California to get myself back on track and came to Always Hope. Since entering this house I have found a whole new outlook on life.  I now understand the true meaning of family and love.  I am learning how to be a true friend to others, as well as how to take care of myself.  I've finally found the home I was always hoping for. 


Before entering the doors of Always Hope I felt as if I was always alone.  As if no one ever knew how I felt.  I was always hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing the wrong things, to try and fit it.  But as soon as I entered into Always Hope, I opened my eyes and realized I am not alone.  Always Hope is my home, everyone grew into one family helping each other out.   


Always Hope provides me with a sense of unity, I finally feel a part of.  Everyone here feels like family.  On top of providing a home like situation for me to recover in each staff helps to hold me accountable for my actions.  It's more than the 12 steps and a safe place to lay my head at night.  For the first time in years I am exercising and learning how to take care of my body.  I came to Always Hope the walking dead and with the help of the loving staff I am being brought back to life.  For once I wake up each morning excited about life.  Not everyday is an amazing day but everyday I am loved and supported.